Hunt country: Namibia

Coordinates -22.57 17.0836111
Hunting period1 April - 30 November
Namibia certainly counts among the most beautiful and charming countries in Africa. A balanced climate, wide and open spaces, and the amazing landscapes make Namibia a dream destiny, not only for hunters.
Recommended inoculation protection:
Yellow fever vaccination is mandatory.
Moreover, the following vaccinations are recommended:
- Hepatitis (all possible variants);
- rage;
- Meningitis (only if an epidemic is going on in Benin, your doctor is always informed about such outbreaks);
- Malaria treatments: Nivaquine, Paludrine, Lariam, Malaron etc. (discuss their uses with your doctor). Nevertheless, Malaria prevention is only neccesary when going on a tourist travel to the North of the country. The region where most of the hunting camps are located and where the airport is (Windhoek) is free of Malaria.
Weather/ climate:
Namibian climate is distinguished by its balanced seasons. Humidity in the air is very low during the whole year. During the southern summer (December - March) temperatures might rise to 40░C during daytime but will drop to some 15░C during the night. During the southern winter (June - August) temperatures might rise to 20░ - 25░C but during the night it might freeze. It is thus highly recommended to bring at least one warm pull-over in order not to get cold in the morning.
Hunt regulations:
During the hunting season all game is open to be hunted. In Namibia hunting is done by approching the game or by waiting for the game to pass by. This second option might be quite relaxing after two or three days of approaching. Hunting is allowed on male and female game.
Entry formalities:
Most EU citizens as well as US citizens and Canadiens need a visa.
Weapon import:
Hunting camp managers will provide papers for weapon importations.
Travel pharmacy:
Plasters, disinfectants, repellents against mosquitoes, medicine against diarrhoea and its opposite, as well as against fever. - - - -
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