Hunt country: Burkina Faso

CountryBurkina Faso
Coordinates 12.3702778 -1.5247222
Hunting period1 December - 31 May
The former Upper Volta is a landlocked country. It is neither rich in natural resources nor in tourist attractions. That's why Burkina Faso is among the world's poorest countries. The absence of tourists makes the local people stay friendly, natural and welcome visitors.

Regarding hunting, it might be interesting to know that there are no fences in Burkina Faso, neither for cattle nor for game. There is indeed nothing like closed game ranches.
Recommended inoculation protection:
Yellow fever vaccination is mandatory. Without proof of a recent vaccination, no entry to the country will be permitted.
Moreover, the following vaccinations are recommended:
- Hepatitis (all possible variants);
- rage;
- Meningitis (only if an epidemic is going on in Burkina Faso, your doctor is always informed about such outbreaks);
- Malaria treatments: Nivaquine, Paludrine, Lariam, Malaron etc. (discuss their uses with your doctor).
Weather/ climate:
Climatic zones from sub-Saharan to subtropical.
Most of the hunting areas are located in the dry savannah zones, some are located in the humid savannah.
Best season for hunting is January - February. In March temperatures start to rise and in April humidity rises as well.
January/February: day 30░C / night 20░C
March: day 35░C / night 25░C
April: day 40░C / night 30░C
Hunt regulations:
During the hunting season (1.12. - 31.5.) all game might be hunted. During the other 6 months all game is closed for hunting.
Hunting is only allowed between 6:00 a.m. and 6:0 p.m.
Only older males might be hunted. If a female or a juvenile is killed a penalty worth one official hunting tax is due.
Entry formalities:
Most EU citizens as well as US citizens and Canadiens need a visa.
Weapon import:
Hunting camp managers will provide papers for weapon importations.
Travel pharmacy:
Plasters, disinfectants, repellents against mosquitoes, medicine against diarrhoea and its opposite, as well as against fever. - - - -
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